What is GoGoPool?

GoGoPool is the first permissionless staking protocol built for Avalanche Subnets and node operators to launch for cheaper and faster using the GGP token. Currently, we cater to node operators and liquid stakers.

With GoGoPool, a node operator can:

  • Launch their node for 1000 AVAX + 100 AVAX in GGP tokens, nearly half the price of the traditional avenue!
  • Earn rewards on their staked AVAX, their staked GGP, and an operating fee for running a node.
  • Become a validator with just a few clicks.
Start your minipool today:

For liquid stakers, we offer:

  • Affordable staking for as little as .01 AVAX.
  • A token, ggAVAX, to provide instant liquidity that accrues value overtime.
  • Be a part of directly growing the Avalanche network and getting more subnets and validators launched.
Stake with GoGoPool today:
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