🚀How One-Click Launcher Works

A guide on our One-Click Launcher that simplifies the process of starting a Minipool.

The One-Click Minipool Launcher simplifies the process of becoming a validator on the Avalanche network, automating several key steps in a single, streamlined transaction thanks to the Minipool Streamliner Contract. This page explains how the launcher works and what users can expect when they choose to participate using this method.

Key Functions and Workflow

  1. Initial AVAX Payment:

    • Users start by depositing AVAX, which covers all necessary transactions for setting up a Minipool. This includes purchasing GGP for staking, acquiring USDC for operational fees, and contributing 1000 AVAX to the Minipool.

  2. Token Swaps using Trader Joe's LBRouter:

    • The contract starts by swapping AVAX for GGP (GoGoPool’s native token) using the LBRouter from Trader Joe.

    • It also swaps AVAX for USDC, which is necessary for interacting with ooNodz, which only accepts USDC for payment.

  3. Staking GGP on Behalf of the User:

    • Once GGP is obtained through the swap, the contract stakes these tokens on behalf of the user in GoGoPool’s staking system. This step is crucial for participating in GoGoPool.

  4. Node Setup with ooNodz:

    • With USDC in hand, the contract communicates with ooNodz to set up an Avalanche node. This process includes sending USDC to ooNodz and receiving a NodeID in return. The NodeID is essential for creating a minipool.

  5. Minipool Creation:

    • With the GGP staked and a NodeID acquired, the contract then proceeds to the final and critical step of creating a minipool in GoGoPool. This is the entry point for users to begin earning rewards.

Contract's Additional Features and Safeguards

  • Mismatched Funds Handling:

    • The contract includes a check to ensure that the amount of AVAX sent matches the sum required for minipool creation, GGP purchase, and node rental. If the amounts don't match, the contract reverts the transaction.

  • Swap Failure Handling:

    • If the token swap (AVAX to GGP or AVAX to USDC) fails or doesn't meet the minimum output requirement, the contract reverts the transaction, safeguarding users from unfavorable swaps.

  • Refunding Unused USDC:

    • In cases where there are leftover USDC funds after node setup, the contract ensures these are refunded back to the user.

  • Event Emission:

    • The contract emits events for key actions like the creation of a new streamlined minipool and refunds of USDC, aiding in transparency and tracking.


The Minipool Streamliner contract represents a significant leap in user convenience and efficiency. By automating critical steps of swapping tokens, staking, node setup, and minipool creation, it significantly lowers the barrier to entry for users and enhances their experience in our staking ecosystem.

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