Details and documentation for accessing and using the GoGoPool API for developers.

The GoGoPool API is a decentralized liquid staking protocol built on Avalanche that provides a robust and scalable solution for blockchain data. The API offers a wide range of endpoints that enable users to access various data points, including token prices, staking information, and validator data.

Available Data

The GoGoPool API provides access to the following data points:

  • Token prices: Get current and historical token prices, including GGP, AVAX, and USD prices.

  • Staking information: Retrieve staking-related data, such as staker information, minipool data, and validator information.

  • Validator data: Access data on active validators, including their node IDs, staking information, and rewards.

  • Rewards: Calculate rewards based on ggpStaked and avaxStaked amounts or retrieve rewards data for a specific address.

  • Metrics: Retrieve various metrics, such as ggAVAX APY, total assets, and staking information.

  • Feature flags: Get feature flags for the current environment.

Code Examples

Here's an example of retrieving the current GGP price in AVAX using cURL:

curl -X GET \\
  'https://api.gogopool.com/prices' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

This will return a JSON response with the current GGP price in AVAX.

API Endpoints

Here are some examples of API endpoints:

  • GET /prices/tj: Get the current token prices on Trader Joe.

  • GET /ggAvax: Get the various amounts in the ggAVAX Liquid Staking pool.

  • GET /validators: Get all currently active validators from Glacier API.

  • GET /rewards/byStake: Calculate the rewards given ggpStaked and avaxStaked amounts.

  • GET /metrics: Get the current metrics, such as ggAVAX APY and total assets.

For a comprehensive list of API endpoints and parameters, please refer to the GoGoPool OpenAPI page.

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