📐Analytics Explained

The math behind the numbers.

GoGoPool Analytics dashboards provide a clear and brief understanding of GoGoPool's key metrics.

It presents consolidated data from Flipside's analytical platform, enabling a comprehensive understanding of GoGoPool's operational metrics, including liquid staking performance and minipool growth, contributing to the decentralization of the Avalanche network.

Each section breaks down complex data into accessible insights across four critical areas:

Total Deposits Dashboard

This dashboard presents the total amount of AVAX deposited into the GoGoPool protocol.

Key Metrics

AVAX on the Liquid Staking Side

Displays the total amount of AVAX contributed to liquid staking through GoGoPool, offering users the yield on validating while maintaining access to a liquid token ggAVAX.

AVAX on the Minipool Side

Represents the amount of AVAX contributed directly to minipools, which are validators funded via an equal mix of AVAX contributed from both the liquid stakers and Minipool operators.

Total AVAX in Protocol

Demonstrates summation of the total AVAX held within the entire GoGoPool protocol, combining liquid staking and minipool balances.

Growth Metrics

90-day Growth in Liquid Staked AVAX

Indicates the growth rate of the total AVAX deposits in ggAVAX liquid staking over the last 90 days.

90-day Growth in Minipool AVAX

Highlights the growth rate of the total AVAX deposits in minipools over the last 90 days.

90-day Growth in Total AVAX

Displays the total percentage growth of all AVAX within GoGoPool, including both liquid staking and minipools over the last 90 days.

Protocol TVL (Total Value Locked)

Reports the current value of all AVAX and GGP staked within GoGoPool.

ggAVAX Dashboard

This dashboard displays specific details of AVAX staked through the ggAVAX liquid staking token, tracking yield performance and associated fees.

Total APY

Current estimated percentage return on all staked AVAX, covering various yields and costs that are explained in the following sections.

Total APY=Base Validation APY+MEV APYProtocol FeeDelegation FeeLiquidity Fee \text{Total APY} = \text{Base Validation APY} + \text{MEV APY} - \text{Protocol Fee} - \text{Delegation Fee} - \text{Liquidity Fee}

Yield Performance

Base Validation Yield

The annualized yield earned from validating activities over the most recent 15-day cycle (GoGoPool Validation Cycles are 15-days). It reflects the validation yield for the latest minipool cycle, which AVAX stakers get to participate in on an equal basis with Minipool operators.

Base APY=((1+AVAXEarned on Latest Minipool CycleAVAXBase Stake on Latest Minipool Cycle)365151)×100%\text{Base APY} = \left( \left(1 + \frac{\text{AVAX}_{\text{Earned on Latest Minipool Cycle}}}{\text{AVAX}_\text{Base Stake on Latest Minipool Cycle}} \right)^\frac{365}{15} - 1 \right) \times 100\%

MEV Yield

The annualized yield from the last 14-day cycle attributable to Maximal Extractable Value strategies.

MEV APY=((1+MEV RewardAVAXLiquid Staking 14 days ago)365141)×100% \text{MEV APY} = \left( \left(1 + \frac{\text{MEV Reward}}{\text{AVAX}_{\text{Liquid Staking 14 days ago}}} \right)^{\frac{365}{14}} - 1 \right) \times 100\%

Fee Structure

Protocol Fee

The protocol fee is zero, emphasizing that GoGoPool does not charge protocol-level fees.

Protocol Fee=0\text{Protocol Fee} = 0

Delegation Fee

The delegation fee is calculated based on the delegated AVAX rate, the possible minimum commission rate (2%) of the base return. GoGoPool's goal is to sustain a 0% delegation fee, by leveraging deposited AVAX to generate base and MEV yields internally instead of delegating AVAX to external validators.

Delegation Fee=(AVAXSent to DelegatorsAVAXLiquid Staking×Base Yield APY×2%)\text{Delegation Fee} = \left( \frac{\text{AVAX}_\text{Sent to Delegators}}{\text{AVAX} _\text{Liquid Staking}} \times \text{Base Yield APY} \times {2\%} \right)

Liquidity Fee

Represented as an opportunity cost rather than an external fee, it is calculated based on the idle AVAX compared to the active staking pool, incorporating both base yield and MEV yield to present the cost of liquidity.

Liquidity Fee=(AVAXIdleAVAXLiquid Staking×(Base Yield APY + MEV Yield APY))\text{Liquidity Fee} = \left( \frac{\text{AVAX}_\text{Idle}}{\text{AVAX}_\text{Liquid Staking}} \times \text{(Base Yield APY + MEV Yield APY)} \right)

Exchange Rate, Volume, and Market Activity

  • AVAX to ggAVAX Exchange Rate: Current and historical rate at which AVAX is converted to ggAVAX.

  • ggAVAX Volume: A comparison of trading volumes across different exchanges.

Minipools Dashboard

The Minipools Dashboard provides a real-time count and historical trend of active minipools, which are critical components of GoGoPool’s staking infrastructure.


Total Number of Minipools

Displays the current number of active minipools and a graph showing the change in the number of minipools over time.

Reward Dates

  • Rewards Cycle Start: Marks the beginning of the reward period.

  • Reward Cycle End: The date when the current reward cycle concludes and distribution begins.

  • Rewards Eligibility: The date when minipools are evaluated for their current rewards eligibility.

  • Next Rewards Eligibility: The upcoming date when minipools will be evaluated for their next rewards eligibility.

GGP Dashboard

A detailed look at GoGoPool's native token, GGP, showcasing its price, market valuation, and staking statistics.

Market Valuation

  • GGP Price: The current trading price for GGP, a direct reflection of the market's valuation.

  • GGP FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation): Represents the total value of all GGP tokens at the current market price, assuming all are in circulation.

  • GGP Mcap (Market Capitalization): The total market value of circulating GGP tokens, providing a snapshot of its market size and liquidity.

Staking Statistics

  • GGP Percentage Staked: The portion of GGP tokens currently staked in the protocol.

  • GGP Staked: The total quantity of GGP that has been staked and the changes in the amount of staked GGP over time.

Market Activity

  • GGP Volume: A comparison of trading volumes across different exchanges.

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