Audits & Vulnerability Reports

Security is at the core of GoGoPool’s operations. Our commitment to safeguarding our platform and users is evidenced by the strict security measures and processes we have in place:

  • Audited and Verified: We've undergone comprehensive security audits by reputable firms, including Code4Arena, Zellic, and Kudelski Security, to ensure the integrity of our protocol and to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

  • Proactive Protection: Our active bug-bounty program encourages white-hat hackers and security researchers to help us maintain the highest security standards by identifying and reporting any potential threats.

  • Advanced Signature Safeguards: In a space where many rely on single-signature methods for transactions, GoGoPool adopts the most advanced multi-signature technology for all transfers between the C-chain and P-chain. This layered security approach is crucial for ensuring transaction integrity and protecting the assets of our users.

  • Robust Security Parameters: Incorporating BLS (Boneh-Lynn-Shacham) digital signatures, we provide streamlined and secure cross-chain transactions, reinforcing overall network integrity.

  • Trusted by Leaders: Recognition from leading blockchain entities like SwissBorg, who chose GoGoPool as an exclusive service provider, validates our security-first approach and the trustworthiness of our services.


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Bug Bounty Program

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Vulnerability Reports

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