GoGoPool has two tokens - the liquid staking token ggAVAX and the protocol token GGP.


ggAVAX is a liquid staking token issued to users who deposit AVAX into GoGoPool's staking pool. ggAVAX represents staked AVAX in GoGoPool, and it gains value against AVAX thanks to the native Avalanche validation yield and other yield-generating activities.


  • Earn Staking Rewards: Holding ggAVAX means your investment grows over time, mirroring native staking yield and other yield activities.

  • Stay Liquid: No need to lock AVAX to earn yields. You can trade, sell, or use ggAVAX just like AVAX, making it a flexible option for participating in the broader DeFi ecosystem.


GGP is an ERC20 token that serves as GoGoPool's protocol token. GGP facilitates users in becoming validators through minipools, combining user-contributed AVAX with liquid staking funds. To secure these funds, minipool operators back their commitment with a minimum of 100 AVAX worth of GGP tokens as collateral.

Key Functions of GGP

  • Staking and Rewards: Minipool operators stake GGP as a form of insurance, ensuring their commitment to maintaining network uptime and security. The initial minimum stake is set at 10% of the AVAX staked amount, with the option to increase up to 150%. A higher stake in GGP enhances the minipool operator's potential rewards.

  • Compensation Mechanism: Should a node operator fail to meet performance standards, resulting in a loss of rewards, the staked GGP serves as a compensation pool to affected stakers.

  • Governance Participation: GGP token holders will have the ability to participate in the GoGoPool Protocol DAO, which allows members to propose and vote on a range of governance issues.


Total Supply: 22,500,000 GGP

  • GoGoPool Foundation: 41.42% | The below allocations are subject to change according to DAO voting. Snapshot voting will be used to gauge sentiment, with recommendations executed by the Foundation.

    • DAO Fund: 16.42% | allocated as per the DAO — eg. growth capital, additional grants, liquidity incentives, airdrop schemes, strategic alliances, advisors, etc.

    • Ecosystem Development Grants: 15% | To fund engineering, business development, and marketing.

    • Liquidity Incentives: 10% | To be deployed as the DAO sees fit.

  • Original Team: 20%

  • Seed Round: 15.58%

  • GGP Staking Rewards: 15%***

  • Advisors: 3%

  • Pre-IDO Partner Sale: 3%

  • Liquidity: 1%

  • IDO: 1%

***GGP Staking Rewards are split between 3 parties and unlocked when issued:

  • 70% to minipool operators

  • 10% to Oracle DAO

  • 20% to Protocol DAO Treasury

Vesting Following TGE:

  • GoGoPool Foundation: Locked for 3 months, to be deployed under DAO snapshot voting over the following 48 months.

  • Original Team: 12-month lock up, 36-month with quarterly vesting.

  • Seed Round: 12-month lock, 36-month with quarterly vesting.

  • GGP Staking Rewards: 48 months, monthly vesting.

  • Advisors: 12-month lock, 36-month with quarterly vesting.

  • Pre-IDO Partner Sale:

    • Tickets under 100k USD: minimum 12-month lock with 12-month quarterly vesting.

    • Tickets over 100k USD: 12-month lock, 36-month quarterly vesting.

  • Liquidity: Fully unlocked at TGE.

  • Avalaunch IDO: Fully unlocked at TGE.

Initial Supply: 187,970 GGP

  • Liquidity pool—500K ($250K AVAX + ~188K GGP)

  • IDO sale: 300k USD—225,000 GGP tokens

  • Initial Market Cap (excluding liquidity): ~250K USD

Note: The only day 1 circulating tokens, excluding liquidity, will belong to Avalaunch IDO participants.

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