As a Node Operator

How to use GoGoPool as a Node Operator

Creating a Fuji or Mainnet node

To use GoGoPool as a node operator, and earn rewards on your staked GGP, you have to have an Avalanche node. To create a node, see the Official Avalanche guides. Once you have a NodeId, come back to GoGoPool to register as a validator.

How to make a Minipool

A Minipool is a term we borrowed from RocketPool. It represents a validator that was funded via AVAX contributed from liquid stakers using the deposit pool and AVAX contributed from node operators during their registration with GoGoPool.
The visuals below show how to create a Minipool on Fuji. The steps are the same as on Mainnet, but the AVAX and GGP requirements are different.
To test GoGoPool on Fuji, use our faucet to get test GGP.

Step 1: Register a NodeId with GoGoPool

Place your NodeId in the input box as shown, then press next.

Step 2: Approve and Deposit GGP

Your wallet provider will prompt you to approve and transfer GGP
This wallet already has 1 GGP staked, by staking another 0.5 GGP, the collateralization ratio will be 150%. The user is prompted to approve the transfer of GGP.
Once the GGP transfer is approved by the user, the user can deposit GGP.

Step 3: Stake AVAX

Your wallet provider will prompt you to transfer AVAX
Deposit AVAX

Step 4: Minipool created!

Once you deposit AVAX, your Minipool is created! You can use the hash to see the transaction on your block explorer of choice.
Minipool successfully created! Use the hash to view the transaction on a block explorer. Proceed to the dashboard to view your Minipool.

Step 5: View the new Minipool on your dashboard

The dashboard is useful for keeping up to date with your Minipools