One-Click Launcher

In our one-click launch experience, you only need AVAX to launch your minipool. We have partnered with to instantly spin up an avalanche node when you launch your minipool. We have handled buying and staking ggp on your behalf, with the collateralization ratio starting between 10-11%. If you want to use your existing GGP holdings, you can add to this collateralization ratio after your minipool is created, on your Dashboard.

To test GoGoPool on Fuji, use our faucet to get test GGP.

The visuals for each setup below show how to create a Minipool on Fuji. The steps are the same as on Mainnet, but the AVAX and GGP requirements are different.

How to make a Minipool with One-Click Launcher

Fill out your country of residency and your validation length

Accept our Terms and Conditions and Create your Minipool

Your wallet provider will prompt you to transfer AVAX

Success! Do a happy dance and check out your new Minipool

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