As a Liquid Staker

How to use GoGoPool as a Liquid Staker


When you liquid stake with GoGoPool, your $AVAX goes directly towards growing the Avalanche network and getting more subnets and validators launched. Your AVAX is staked into a deposit pool. These deposit pool funds are then used to match with node operators who want to become a validator for Avalanche's primary network. To learn more about how Avalanche utilizes proof-of-stake validation, check out Avalanche's official documentation. Every Subnet requires validators to operate, and every Subnet validator must also validate the Avalanche Primary network. Currently, there is no cohesive way for Subnets in need of validators and validators who want to validate Subnets to get in contact. GoGoPool aims to solve this by incentivizing node operators to run through the protocol, in order to create a set of validators that are oriented towards helping Subnets.

Learn more about how Liquid Staking on GoGoPool works here.

The visuals below show how to liquid stake on Fuji. The steps are the same as on Mainnet.

To test GoGoPool on Fuji, use our faucet to get test GGP.

How Stake with GoGoPool

Step 1: Deposit AVAX

Your wallet provider will prompt you to transfer AVAX

Step 2: Receive ggAVAX

Check your wallet to see the ggAVAX.

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